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Employer: Mixology Canada Inc.

1883 de Philibert Routin, are all-natural gourmet syrups imported from the French Alps to flavour coffee based drinks, cocktails, sodas, beers and granitas, Italian Sodas and much more!

As senior graphic designer, one of my responsibilities included maintaining brand consistency through various print-based media.

Marketing Collateral


Marketing collateral like sale sheets were designed to promote new flavours and product information. A lot of condensed info needed to be communicated onto 8.5x11" sale sheets.


smaller sized postcards and inserts, measuring at 4x6, were designed as a convenient promotional item to display new product flavours and recipes.


Delicious drink recipes were created for every season by the sales & marketing team.


My challenge was to condense compact information into a visually pleasing layout while maintaining brand consistency.

Point of Sale


Drink recipes were pitched to restaurant owners by the marketing and sales team.

This collaboration produced custom drink concepts which required custom marketing design collateral.

In this example, Lettieri rolled out new drink promotions seasonally. My responsibilities included:

• Photographing and editing  each drink image

• Designing large format graphics for print that reflected featured drink promotions.

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Tradeshows were a large part of 1883 promotions. I was responsible to design and print large-format graphics that maintained brand identity.

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